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Problem with installing Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin

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Dear all,

I had already shared this with the organizing team. But perhaps others have the same problem and can help out.

I have installed the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin. However, I keep getting the error message "Check Python Matplotlib installation" (see attached screenshot).

QGIS Version 3.18.2, MacOS Bis Sur Version 11.3.1

Thankful for any tips/advice.


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The issue is the combination of QGIS - the plugin semi-automatic classification and the Mac installation. The Windows and Linux installation does not require a separate installation of python modules.
As far as I know, the QGIS 3.18.2 Mac installation requires the user to install three python modules first before running the QGIS installation.
If you do not manage to install matplotlib using pip in the osgeo4w console, we will find a way to show it to you in person in tomorrow´s session ( ).


For further questions please have a look at this carefully provided blog: