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Editing a JSON file

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Hi all,

  • I have downloaded an openly accessible JSON file. It was easy to drag-and-drop in in QGIS and view the attribute table.
  • However, a few columns are irrelevant (would like to delete) and a few have irregular values (e.g. 1 & 1x, 2 & 2x in the same column).
  • I would like to change & edit that. However, I cannot go into the editting mode in the attribute table. I also cannot "toggle editing" in the layer to add new points. 

--> Is it possible to edit a JSON file so that I can change values and also add new values directly in QGIS?

Thank you!


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Hi Philipp,

you cannot not edit a geojson file but if you save your geojson file as gpkg or shp then you can modify it as usual. Just right click on the layer - Export - save feature as ....

regards, Martin